Home Tech Set Full photo on WhatsApp profile without cropping with the Whatscropping app

Set Full photo on WhatsApp profile without cropping with the Whatscropping app

Whatscropping app
Whatscropping app

You can set your WhatsApp on your profile without cropping it with the help of the Whatscropping app. With the help of this app, you can blur the background of your photo and you can color the background of your photo as you want. You can easily set your WhatsApp DP with this app without cropping.

This app works on every device, and it occupies very little space, so you can easily install it from Play Store. For more details about this app, you have to read the articles below, which it is written about the app, its features, how to use the app, and permissions.

Whatscropping – Set the full-size picture on WhatsApp

This app is very good that allows you to easily set up a profile photo on your WhatsApp app without cropping. You will get the option to blur the background and color it so that you can edit your photo and direct set your profile photo on WhatsApp.


  • Without cropping you can set your profile on your WhatsApp
  • You can blur your photo background
  • You can color your photo background
  • Set photos on your WhatsApp
  • Set your profile photo without losing any part of your picture and more

How to download and use the Whatscropping App

You can easily download this app from the Google Play store. For this, you have to go to the google play store and type Whatscropping app in the search bar and you will get this app. Tap on the app and press the install option, by this, the app will be installed on your mobile.

After installing this app, you will ask for permission like gallery and camera, if you click on the gallery option, it will open your gallery. You can select your previously taken photo and edit and set it on your profile.

And second option allows you to click the picture using the camera. When you click on it, this app will directly turn on your camera, and you can click a photo at that time and edit it and apply it to your WhatsApp profile without cropping.