Whatscode QR Generator
Whatscode QR Generator

Whatscode: QR Generator app is a very useful and productive application that helps you scan and decode accurate barcodes. With this app, you can generate your own QR code and use it for a different purpose. Along with scanning and reading all QR codes and barcodes the app also lets you convert a contact number into a QR code scanner.

You all must be aware that in recent times individuals use QR codes for various reasons. Most smartphones today come with an inbuilt code-scanning feature. Those who don’t have it can install a third-party scanning app. If you want to know about a safe, secure, and flexible QR code generator app read this article below.

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Whatscode : QR Generator app

Whatscode: QR Generator app has many beneficial features that enhance the productivity of the app. The main function of the app is scanning and reading all QR codes, and barcodes and generating new QR codes. The app can also scan and read text, URLs, calendars, email, location, and other formats.

It also functions as a utility Store QR scanner app. With this, you can scan medicines, groceries, quality assurance barcodes, and prices. It supports all QR and barcodes. The app functions directly using the camera’s eye.

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The ‘WhatsApp web’ feature of Whatscode: QR Generator app syncs all chat messages of WhatsApp automatically. It lets you open and read any chat for what’s a web app. You can even delete or reply to any chat and get back the answer directly in Whatscode. You can also get access to the ‘direct chat’ feature with this app. This feature lets you start a conversation with anybody without saving the phone number.

The Whatscode: QR Generator app also lets you create a WhatsApp clone on another phone. You can easily use the web scanner in a few simple steps. However, the app also provides a manual. First of all open the whats code for WhatsApp on one mobile. Here you will find a QR code.

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Then open your WhatsApp account on another mobile and tap on the three dots menu at the top right corner of the page. Finally, open the WhatsApp web option and scan the previously opened QR code. Now you can use the ‘dual chat’ feature.

The Whatscode: QR Generator app is the only app that lets you create your own personalized QR code for personal use or business purpose. To generate your QR code you just have to provide your detailed information like your name, job title, contact details, personal website, and address.

How to use this app

To use The Whatscode: QR Generator app download and install it on your smartphone. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided on our website below.



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