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Get the password of any WiFi easily using the Wi-Fi password Instabridge App

Wi-Fi password Instabridge
Wi-Fi password Instabridge

We can know the password of any Wi-Fi and connect them to use the free internet with the new Instabridge password app. If you also want free internet unlimited then you must use this app. By using this App, you can know your nearby WiFi through the location.

With the help of this app, you can easily find anyone’s WiFi password and use the internet without any problem. To know about this app and to use the internet for free download it now. This app is easily available on the play store.

Wi-Fi Password Map Instabridge

This app helps us to know the password of any Wi-Fi near you to use the internet easily for free. We can easily use the internet by connecting the Wi-Fi of another one.


  • know wifi password
  • search Wi-Fi by location
  • find Wi-Fi by location filtering
  • Dark mode
  • Zoom to find Wi-Fi near you
  • Buy a subscription for ad-free service

How to use this App

You can easily download this app from the Google Play store. For this, you have to go to the google play store and type the Instabridge app in search and you will get this app. Tap on the app and press the install button, by this, the app will be installed on your mobile.

You have to open this app, in which you will get some options like WiFi, in which you will see many WiFi names and passwords, after that the option of location will come, in which you will see the map and nearby WiFi.

When you open the wifi password, you will see a video ad, and when that ad is over, you can see the wifi password. Now you have to go to the WiFi and tap on the Wifi which you want to connect and enter the copied password and connect it. Now you can use free internet with the help of this app.