Max Battery Alarm app
Max Battery Alarm app

Max Battery Alarm app is a very useful application that lets you know when your battery gets full and also protects it from thieves. The app plays a charge alarm sound when your battery gets fully charged so you don’t have to worry about leaving your device unattained while it is getting charged.

You all must be aware that battery overcharging is very harmful to battery life as it reduces its lifespan and also displays inaccurate battery percentage. This is why you must unplug your device as soon as the charging gets completed. So today you will know about an application that will tell you when your battery is done charging.

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Max Battery Alarm app

Max Battery Alarm app comes with many helpful and effective features to protect your phone against unauthorized access. The app lets you set the battery charge level of your choice from the settings. As soon as the battery reaches your desired level the alarm will start ringing to notify you.

Along with this the app also provides ‘Anti-theft Alarm’. For this, you just have to set a password from the settings. If somebody unplugs your phone from charge without your permission the alarm will start ringing. It will stop only when you enter the same password.

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With the Max Battery Alarm app, you can also see detailed battery and charger information like battery temperature, battery health, average current and etc. The app records all your charge history in detail. Here you can see how long you have to charge your phone.

You can also monitor the changes in your device battery while charging. With the ‘Charge Booster’ feature, you can charge your phone in a faster way. It works by cleaning unnecessary applications and services in the background.

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The app developers recommend you remove the application in battery optimization to make it work in a healthy way. If it is not done the alarm features may not function properly on some devices.

How to use this app

It is a free-to-use, ad-supported Android application. To use it you have to download and install it on your smartphone. Before you get started the app may ask for certain permissions in order to work. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided below.



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